Black Blogger Month:, The Web’s Leading Man

As editor of, Wilson Morales shines the spotlight on Black films and talent that mainstream Hollywood often overlooks

Connections and networking have been important to securing exclusives because…

Having an exclusive brings awareness and helps the site grow. It tells me that the source, whether it’s a person or studio giving the site the exclusive, believes in our ability to get the message out to our audience. And hopefully that expands in a national platform, depending on the story.

I measure success by…

In today’s world, especially with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets in recent years, success is topsy-turvy. I try to stay above par every day and try not to get caught up in competition. We’re a niche site and we try to stay within a certain lane. At the same time, we try to adapt to changes in the media world so that our methods of operation don’t become old fashion.

If there were a movie about, the person who would play me in the lead would be…

Columbus Short. Watching him in films and now TV, with his role on Scandal, I think he brings a sense of confidence and conviction in the things he does; attributes that I have in myself. And for now, a working title would be (laughs).

Anyone that wants to follow in my footsteps should…

Start by watching as many films as possible that have Black talent in front or behind the camera. That way, when writing any article, they have some knowledge of the material. Knowledge in this industry is very key. Their own opinion will weigh heavily because people will know that they have an inside track.

What’s next on the horizon for me is…

Continuing to promote the next Black film, Black talent and keep everyone in the loop as to what’s happening in the industry.

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  1. Hassan Fuckry (@DLYDJ) says:

    Always a fan of what Wilson is doing over at BlackFilm. Pretty dope to hear him get candid for a moment! He’s such a shy guy! lol j/k

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