Black Blogger Month:, Think Like a Man

Slim Jackson and his team of Single Black Male writers give a voice to uncommitted men while providing insight for women

The impact blogging about relationships has had on my relationships is…

I’ve had women ask me or infer that content I wrote was about them, when it wasn’t. I’ve also had women find older content I’ve put out there, which leads to additional questions. I’ve had women demand that I put the relationship status out there so that other women don’t get any ideas. It’s created some headaches. [Laughs].

The biggest mistake I ever made in business was…

Trying to please everybody.

What I learned from that was…

You just can’t. No matter what you do, at least 10% of the people that find out about you won’t like you. You just need to be yourself and those who identify with you will find you and support you.

I realize blogging was a business when…

I took over the lead role for SBM in early 2011. I knew people made money off it before then, but it wasn’t a business for me until I actually started running one. The range of decisions I have to make have grown increasingly complicated—adding staff, fielding pitches for ad campaigns, seeking partnerships, drawing up agreements, managing a separate bank account… It’s a lot of work, but it’s work that I love.

Networking in the digital space is…

By far the most important thing. Had I not moved to New York City [from Albany] in May of 2010, I most likely wouldn’t be doing this interview. I’ve been to a lot of events, met a lot of people, developed relationships, and developed my reputation.

The biggest lesson about branding online that I’ve learned is…

You have to be consistent, particularly in your voice as a writer. People should quickly be able to figure out what you’re about and what you represent.

The best piece of business advice I ever got was to…

Just do you. I got this advice from Paul Carrick Brunson, who you probably know as the Modern Day Matchmaker. I wasted a lot of time worrying about what other people were doing and benchmarking myself, which set me back.

I measure success by…

The number of lives I truly impact and how I progress along my personal goals. I don’t judge it based on subscribers, page views, and followers on Twitter. Those things are cool, but when I get an email from a reader thanking me or a question about their career, it means a lot. It tells me they trust me and that my greater message is getting through.

None of my success would be possible if not for…

Supportive family and friends. I’ve second-guessed myself along the way and there have always been people there to help me keep my eye on the prize. A support network is key.

In business you should never be afraid to…

This may sound cliché, but take chances. As a writer, experiment with your content and post formats. As a business person, pick up the phone and make that call or send that email. Grab your jacket and head to that networking event where you’ll know nobody.

My advice for anyone who wants to follow in my footsteps is…

Be honest, be genuine. Network as much as you can and always be thankful. And, as you build recognition for yourself, never forget where you started. You won’t be truly great until you show someone else how.

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Watch below as Jackson reveals the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of Single Black Male’ success.

Video shot and edited by Brain Food Film. Shot on location at the 40/40 Club New York.

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  1. CHeeKZ Money says:

    Chea we in this mutha! SBM World Mob. Bosses 4 life. Stomping on all you little blog site! We run this. Sbm Slim. Sbm Streetz. SBM Mosty. Word life.

  2. CHeeKZ Money says:

    I have sbm booked marked on ever computer I have. Love the combination of humor, relevance, and maturity. Keeps me entertained at work… best site on the web.

  3. Bree says:

    I think you guys know by now I’m a huge fan and have much respect for all the SBM fam.
    Congrats and keep up the great work fella’s….*smile*

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