David Banner Reminds Consumers of Their Buying Power

With his 2M1 Movement the opinionated entertainer looks to show corporations that the true power belongs to the people

David Banner

In many ways American society (much like integration) makes the most important people in the equation (the artists and the consumer) feel like they’re nothing. When I was first signed to a major label I already had more radio spins than 80% of the artists on the label! After being signed, however, I saw less money (per CD), had less control of my creativity and, by virtue of being one of many artists on the label, saw a drastic reduction in the time, energy and effort dedicated to my promotion. So, just as the lessons of integration have taught us the value of owning our own businesses and institutions, the lessons of the industry teach us that we should be responsible for our own music, movies and networks and not look to those outside of our culture to fuel, push and direct our culture. Just ask yourself; how can those outside of our culture properly depict or support something they didn’t come from. Now is the time to stop begging and to start spending some of the billions that we spend annually on ourselves.

So what are the implications and long-range goals of the 2M1 Movement? First, the 2M1 Movement represents a shift in the way both the artist and consumer approach each other. For some time now artists have saturated the market with free mixtapes and low quality projects. As a result of this devaluation of the music the consumer has responded by buying less. The 2M1 Movement changes this dynamic. It is the artists’ responsibility to provide quality content and products that give consumers a reason to support them. At the same time, it is the consumer’s responsibility to support an artist who is trying to raise the bar and offer products of value.

The effectiveness of the 2M1 Movement is in its ability to provide a high quality product at a cheap price. I am able to do this by going straight to the fans. Far too often we spend money on designers and companies that think nothing of reimbursing our community for our support. Will YOU continue to spend dollar after dollar on companies who have no consideration at all for our community’s well being while refusing to support artists from among our community trying to make a difference?

On a much broader level the 2M1 Movement also represents the foundation for more than just music and entertainment. By participating in the movement the two million supporters become more than mere fans or consumers, they become a base. Having a base of two million people can effect real change on not only an economic level, but also on political, educational and social levels as well. Two million people moving as one is enough to move any mountain and to assert our will!

Lastly, the 2M1 Movement is not just for supporters of David Banner. This movement represents something much bigger; it represents the ability to be financially and creatively free. This movement allows people no matter what race to move a collective creative movement.  Transforming a culture of I to WE. As a movement, 2M1 is inherently broad based. The inspiration for my idea came from a comedian, Louis C.K. It was he who organized a similar campaign with his fans and supporters that turned out to be a resounding success. To me, this shows that all consumers are ready for a change and with the 2M1 Movement at DavidBanner.com both I as an artist and you as a consumer can now do our part to transform our reality and our community $1 at a time.

God bless.

Watch below as David Banner continues his campaign to put power back in the hand of the people.

Video shot and edited by Brain Food Film.


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  • Jene’ Rhian

    This is amazing. Happy to support this movement and be involved. Love and Blessings.

  • Chad McGriff

    Man I loved this!

  • Tracy Wright

    “This movement represents something much bigger; it represents the ability to be financially and creatively free. This movement allows people no matter what race to move a collective creative movement.”
    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!
    We need to WAKE UP NOW!!!!!

  • Kendrick Staley

    Thank You Brother!

  • Nicole Sims

    Thank you David Banner, for putting a well thought plan together and presenting it to the masses for all to understand and the chance to become a part of something HUGE!! I will be happy to support this cause any way I can….

  • Tairyn Dease

    Inspirational is all I gotta say…the real wealth is given sometimes to the undeserving that forget who gave them a push to get where they are..David Banner Is one I watched closely and can see how humble he is and can tell his willingness to give back…any man that has a catfish pond in his yard is visionary natural resource can carry you a long way and hands on is the way to be…

  • American People United

    Dear Mr. Banner It is time to change business in the United States. Consumer spending is the solution to our employment crisis. Taking a percentage of consumer spending and creating employment within each corporation put millions of Americans back to work, increases customer loyalty for corporations and sets a stable economic system in place for our entire nation. American People United is all about the unification of the American consumers now each purchase will create employment.Getting people to understand the power of unification is the greatest barrier because we have so many distractions and powerful influences that make getting into the minds of our people nearly impossible but music has a way of entering every cell in your body and through music this unification must and will begin. You are in a very great position right now to have the ability to reach the masses with your music this tool must be used wisely in order to save the future of our people.

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