Green Growth, Green Renewal

Developments offer eco-friendly alternative in revival of communities


The apartments feature Energy Star-qualified lighting fixtures and appliances, flooring and tile made from recycled materials, two green roofs with a vegetable garden accessible to residents, 35 new trees along the street, and a half acre of new vegetation on the grounds.

Funded through Low Income Housing Tax Credits, government bonds, city funds, and other programs, the property also features sculptures created by Bronx-based artists that use re-purposed materials such as old steel beams, electrical conduits, and recycled car parts.

“For people who are struggling financially, there’s nothing better you can do than reduce energy costs,” says Nancy Biberman, founder and president of WHEDCo. “With the energy efficient features of the building, tenants will be able to save almost a 1/3 of their utility costs.”

For more information on Intervale Green, visit WHEDCo’s Website.

— Janell Hazelwood


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