How to Maintain Your Brand New Computer

11 tips and tools that will extend the life of your desktop or laptop

Clean Spills Right Away. If you eat or drink near your computer the first thing to get ruined is the keyboard. If you spill liquid on your laptop keyboard don’t just let it dry out while you continue to use the computer. Turn off the computer and unplug the power. Give it about two to three days to dry, turn it upside down on a towel. You might ask ‘who has time to wait that long?’ “If you don’t give it time to dry and you turn it on while it is still wet you are not going to have a laptop anymore,” says Davis. “It’s two to three days or no laptop at all. When it is dry you can use it again.”

  • If you spill coffee or another drink that has lots of sugar and milk then the keys will get sticky once it dries. If you own a PC you can replace the keyboard or thoroughly clean it your self by taking out all of the keys and cleaning the inside of the keyboard with cotton swabs and alcohol. If it is an Apple computer you will need to send it in to Apple because changing keyboards is much more difficult on a Mac, says Davis.
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