How to Maintain Your Brand New Computer

11 tips and tools that will extend the life of your desktop or laptop

Don’t worry about shutting down your computer every night. Despite what your friendly neighborhood conservationist might think, Davis says you can leave your computer on 24 hours a day, seven days a week without suffering any consequences. In fact, it is better to leave your computer on power save mode, he opines, because shutting down and powering up a computer sends a large amount of electricity through the power supply, motherboard, CPU, and other components which could damage them. Turning the computer off and on continuously is not good for the device. “Do they shut servers off every night?” Davis asks. “No. Those are network managers running those servers. They know what is good for their hardware. If they don’t shut servers down every night, why do you have to shut your desktop down?” Still, to save money on the electricity bill he suggests that employers advise workers to shut down their computers if a company has more than a couple hundred computers.


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