How to Maintain Your Brand New Computer

11 tips and tools that will extend the life of your desktop or laptop

Put anti virus software on the computer. Many people are hesitant to add anti virus software to their computers because they aren’t always up to date. Also it can also slow down your computer because every time you open a file or download a file the anti virus software takes a look at that file before you take a look at it. But its still worth the investment says Cargill. “Even though anti virus software can’t keep up with all of the virus threats out there, it is better than nothing,” he says. In addition to scanning your files it looks at what is going on in memory and it monitors your email before you even open it. Best Buy will install anti virus software on your computer for free. If you use Windows, you can install AVG for free. If you are using a UNIX system try Clam AV, says Cargill. Symantec, McAfee, or Norton will run on Windows or Macs.

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