It Isn’t Just About Camping: Go Green for Your Vacation

Eco-friendly ways to enjoy your leisure time

Jacques Cousteau, hopes to maintain nature’s balance by respecting and protecting the environment surrounding the resort.

Villa Montana Beach Resort, located in Isabela, Puerto Rico, uses an organic garden and fertilizers, and makes efforts to conserve energy in its laundering practices. The resort is also participating in a sea turtle conservation program to save the animal from extinction, encouraging all guests to adopt a sea turtle for a year.

If you’re willing to travel a greater distance, try out Aqua City, a leading green resort in Slovakia is powered using geothermal water and the sun, saving 27 tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere daily.

South Andros Islands, Bahamas offers the Tiamo Resort. This resort is powered 100% by solar power and the bungalows are made out of sustainable pine.

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