Jason Geter, the Brains Behind T.I.’s Brand Hustle


Jason Geter overseeing his Strivers Row line

  • Dominque

    Hey Jason Geter this is the B.R.O.S we are young rap artist that loves to rap. We can rap to any beat or any type of style of music like pop, rock n roll, country and many more. We would love to work with anybody that willing to work with us. The oldest Rapper of the group is Drew Red 22 years old he works and support his family also write books and keeps us in order. My name is Millah im 20 years old about to be 21 years in june but i rap and can freestyle to any beat but also write books goes to college to try and support my family as much as i can been rapping since the age 14. Kauri is 20 years old with a beautiful daughter and beautiful wife that he make sure they both gets take in care of at all times. Kauri been rapping since middle school for him and just loves writing bar from bar. JR Real is the youngest 19 years old been rapping since he was 14years old his dad was a rapper so he wants to carry on the legacy but expand his God gift. He can also freestyle and write to any beat or music as long he can feel the beat and music. Us four are brothers thats trying to bring our city some hope on just following their dreams and supporting our love ones. If you need to contact us in any way you can find us on facebook NaptownBros or twitter BeingRealOnShit account so please give us a chance to show we not just young guys from the streets of Indianapolis but trying to bring Hope and Fun to the world with our music. Please check us out if you do and like us contact our manager Lois Adams 317-489-2496