Justin Bieber’s DJ Tay James: The Secret of My Success

The pop star’s personal tour DJ shares his top six money-earning moves to becoming a successful spin doctor

Radio, Clubs & Special Events: Gigging it All the Way to the Bank

“You definitely make your money off the clubs, advertising and endorsements you get off of DJing. Right now I’m on the radio 95.5 [WPGC in DC] but I can’t do a lot more on the radio right now because of touring [with Bieber]. Hopefully and most likely when I get back, I’ll being doing more on the radio, which leaves me to do a lot more in DC as far as gigs-wise.”

For most DJs, regardless of experience level or area of expertise, this is where they make the bulk of their money. And while it isn’t easy booking birthday parties for celebrities like Bow Wow or Chris Brown, or rocking the official party for Kanye West’s Glow in the Dark tour, James, who’s done all of the above and more, says it’s a step-by-step process. Take the last thing you did to get you your next big gig. “It took me being on Justin Bieber’s tour, taking that name and what comes behind that, and using it to my advantage [to get this far].”

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