Men’s Style Kit: 10+ Essential Items for the Professional Man


Every powerful man should maintain a look of success by remaining both professional and stylish.…

  • s.gibson

    Men’s Style Kit: 10+ Essential Items for the Professional Man

    Im currently starting my profession and would love to read this article but i cant view the whole article.

  • Sean

    PLEASE FIX THIS ARTICLE…I am a 5 year subscriber to BE. There are no fashion resources for professional Black Men to turn to for guidance and advice. This is a valid attempt, but is falling short. I know that the magazine industry doesn’t believe that Black Men read, (check your newsstand for mags gearded toward Black Men, not just pix of scantily clad women) but, there are some that do, such as S. Gibson and I. I noticed that the women’s articles and videos opened and flowed as intended. BE, please do not leave us Black Men that are in search of guidance and advice in the dark any longer. i don’t want to keep turning to Men’s Warehouse et al because I know that there is a Black perspective on this topic. Please get the link to this article fixed and make “BE Polished” a regular part of your web site and magazine. Thank you for your time and attention.

  • Elijah George

    I could not agree with you more it is truly needed and hopefully someone will fix the artice and a few things with the site as well.

  • Prince-Albert W. Hudson III

    I am… A young adult currently perusing my MPA and have already obtained a BA in CJRS and homeland security. I say that to say, I’m moving in a positive direction but issues like this article help the negative aspirations guide the youth. It is very easy to find “pessimistic” but if a young black male like myself was looking for something positive to gravitate towards the channels are limited and the articles are broken.
    Camden NJ native

    My next goal is a degree in film. I wish to motivate and re-instill core values to our youth through entertainment; any guidance, experience or advice would be greatly appreciated. AWHUDSON3@AOL.COM,
    Thanks in advance