Holiday Party Planning: Multicultural Recipes with a Twist


CAPE VERDE ISLANDS' STEW "Cachupa is a slow-cooked stew from the Cape Verde Islands. My family is from Fogo. This is our national dish and we usually have this on Christmas and New Year’s." --LaToya M. Smith, Assistant Editor Ingredients: 1 cup dry lima beans; 1 cup dry yellow hominy corn; 1 cup of dry kidney beans (beans may soak overnight); linguica beef or pork ribs, smoked neck bones, and ham; 3 onions (finely chopped); 2 bay leaves; salt and pepper (to taste); margarine; 2 tbspns olive oil; water or beef stock Instructions: Rinse all corn and dry beans in bowl. Boil corn in large pot for 10 minutes and carefully discard froth that collects on the top. Add dry beans, bay leaf and olive oil. Bring to a boil. Lower heat enough to maintain a steady but slow boil. Leave cover slightly ajar. Throughout cooking make certain liquid covers the corn and beans. Use at least 4 qts of water or stock. After the mixture has boiled for the first hour add the rest of your meats. Cook partially covered at a very gentle boil over low heat for an additional 1 1/2 hours. For best results, let cachupa sit covered and off the flame for at least twenty minutes before serving. The spices and salt will be absorbed into the corn, bean and the "gravy" will take on its special texture.

CAPE VERDE ISLANDS’ STEW “Cachupa is a slow-cooked stew from the Cape Verde Islands. My…

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