• lans ross

    First let me say, I am not “hatin’ on Oprah”. Her accomplishments are well documented, her “generosity” is well documented as well. She is a better than average actress, and she seems fairly “regular”, considering all things, but…and I know this sounds kind of whack, but when it comes to the Black people as compared to white people, in my opinion, and it may just be me, it seems to me that she’s given white people more breaks and more cars and more perks than she has given blacks. Accuse this observation of being “petty” if you will, but if you’ve really watched her show and the people that she’s actually given “breaks” to..for instance,
    Where would Dr. Phil be? He ain’t all that. There’s more than a handful of counselors who could have used the break that O gave Phil, and There’s a ton of black authors who could have used some exposure for their books. I truly admire her for the school that she started in Africa, but with all the cars & fluffy gifts that she’s given away, she could have started an academy in all 50 states. Hey, I know it’s her money….I’m just sayin’.
    Again, I know, it’s her money, but start a new network? For what? but anyway, good luck Ms. Winfrey and go on with your bad self.

  • Kimberly

    What are you talking about? You clearly dont watch the Oprah show! Her first break was given to Iyanla Vanzant – a black woman, but she messed up her opportunity because she was impatient. She’s given countless opportunities to blacks including giving 10 million to Morehouse College – an HBCU for men. What have you done lately to better the black community? And you want to know why Oprah didnt start a school here in the U.S.A its because the kids YOU raise are too materialistic and dont care about education. America is the land of opportunity, what you do with that opportunity is soley up to you and this is coming from someone whose been molested, beaten, grew up in the hood, etc., but still managed to go Spelman and graduate school and beyond. How many blacks do you know that have taken advantage of the opportunities given to them? Not a few because if you did know you wouldnt be telling Oprah to do more for blacks when her success and what she’s done speaks for itself. Oh a by the way the former CEO of her network was a black woman, but she couldnt get the ratings up and was fired – I would do the same. Quit telling people how to spend their money on blacks. Is your credit score above an 800? If so, take out a loan and open an academy. Do something instead of worrying about somebody’s pocket size. Last, you are “hatin”. End of discussion!

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