PR Guru Re-Invents With a Purpose

After dealing with depression, Terrie Williams fulfills her destiny to be the best

Re-invention won’t happen overnight. However, once you get the courage to go off script, you will start to live your fuller purpose. To help you get started, Terrie Williams shared some of her re-invention strategies:

1. Be your authentic self. We have become so accustomed to lying and numbing the pain that we forget to take care of our needs. Sit down and listen. Be honest where you are. Remember, it’s okay to take off the mask.

2. Purge. Find a healthy way to let the pain out. See a therapist who won’t judge you and who will allow you to be honest in a safe environment.

3. Get out of your comfort zone. Wake up with butterflies in your stomach – do something different each day and take your game to the next level. Take the challenge.

4. Be honest. When people ask you, “How are you doing?” give them the real answer.

4a. Tell young people the truth. If your kids ask if you’re sad and you say no, they know if you’re lying. Teach them how to cope and how to take off the mask.

5. Let it all out. Write in a journal, pray, read, and exercise. Williams recommends reading the daily devotional book God Calling, by A. J. Russell (Barbour Books, 1989).

6. Establish boundaries. Just say no. Stop compromising yourself.

Caviar & Chitlins Moment: Sit still and listen to your heart. The next steps will speak to you. We are all a work in progress.

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