Slideshow: Hot-Selling Merchandise Fit for a ‘Princess’

‘Princess and Frog’-inspired items for royal sensibilities

Sterling Silver Collector’s Edition Jacket


Source: Mychael Darwin

For Princess Tiana fans with unlimited funds, Mychael Darwin Denim & Leather has created a sterling silver and Swarovski-crystal encrusted denim jacket for almost $1,000. For those on a more modest budget, African American designer Mychael Darwin also offers a denim and leather jacket for $125.

Cost: $950
Where to find it:

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3 Responses to Slideshow: Hot-Selling Merchandise Fit for a ‘Princess’

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  2. Carmella Bratcher says:

    Where can I purchase the pictured crutains and valance set?

  3. Those items can be found here when they are back in stock.

    You can also try Target or contacting your local Disney store.

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