Tamar Braxton: On Living in Toni’s Shadow, Gold-Digger Accusations and Plastic Surgery

Little sister goes on record about critics of her marriage, sibling rivalries, and spending her money her way

All in the Family: (L-R) Toni, Tamar, Evelyn, Traci, Towanda and Trina (Image: Getty)

Trina caught a tongue-lashing from you for charging Toni as her background singer, something you’ve never done. Is it ever okay to charge your family for professional services, especially if that’s your only source of income?
First of all, Trina’s husband has money, too, so she’s okay. Toni has been there for every single person in our family. Knowing what she’s going through, Trina needs to give the girl a break! So I was sticking up for Toni because I love her so much and see what she goes through. Toni loves her family so much that she’d take from herself even in dire straits to provide for us. I can’t even begin to tell you all that Toni has done for us. She has helped our family tremendously in so many ways. So yeah, Trina shouldn’t charge her every time we have a show and definitely not as much as she does.


The news about Toni’s lupus deeply affected you. How have you educated yourself about her illness and helped your sister?
I looked it up on the Internet. I make doctor’s appointment with her doctor and ask whether me and all of my siblings should get tested. Autoimmune diseases run in my family, so I had to make myself aware. Toni has lupus, my brother has sarcoidosis, and my nephew has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. I just feel bad the times I wasn’t so nice and couldn’t understand why Toni wanted to take a nap instead of hanging out and going to dinner. I realize now that she really hadn’t been able to do that because of [her health]. I told my husband that I wish I felt bad instead of her, because at one point she had more bad days than good days and it’s devastating to me to know how much pain [she suffered].


What about plastic surgery? You’re an advocate for people having it if they want to. Is there any surgery you haven’t or wouldn’t have done?
I believe in plastic surgery or anything you have to do to make yourself feel good. I’m all about self-esteem. I’ve had my nose done. I was born without cartilage in my nose and when I was 16 I had my first operation—an implant put in my nose. My father had the same surgery. The reason I had it done was because it was hard for me to breathe and I snored terribly. Itwasnotcute.org (laughs). Eventually the implant gave me headaches, so I had to have the cartilage from my ear put in my nose. I have to have it done for a second time, remove the cartilage and remove the implant, but it’s so painful that I’ve been putting it off. But I have to have it done.


During a shopping spree with your hubby you scoped $15,000 sunglasses, and on another occasion Toni requested gift cards from stores like TJ Maxx and Target for her birthday but you refused. Is it a crime to be thrifty while wealthy?
First of all, I would never spend that much on sunglasses! What’s really funny to me is people took [the Toni situation] out of context. I was not going to get Toni TJ Maxx, Walgreen or Target gift cards because that’s not what I wanted her to have for her birthday. When it’s my birthday she goes all out and makes sure I have a good time, and I just wanted to do the same for her. My idea of going all out isn’t Walgreens or Target, but there’s nothing wrong with those stores. I love them. In fact, I was just at Target yesterday!


What’s some of the best money advice you’ve ever received and does you apply it to your everyday life?
Pay your taxes No1.com (laughs). It’s the truth. I’ve never wanted that issue. I don’t understand when people say, “I owe $100,000 in taxes.” Huh, how do you do that? “Or I owe $8 million in back taxes.” What? How that work?! (laughs). Pay your taxes and keep the IRS off your behind.


Before you go, what are your top Dotcoms on money management/financial fitness?
Saveyourmoneydot.com (laughs). Payyourtaxes.org and on time because you will get charged.org for real! Don’t maxyourcardout.com because you never know when you’re gonna need it. And getyourcreditright.com. Black families don’t teach their kids that enough. If you get your credit right, you’ll have a great life!


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  • jazzie

    Braxton sisters, get in that studio and make a CD!! Yall’s voices are off the hook together, yeah Toni too. You ALL need to do that for real. When I heard that harmonizing on the BET awards, I was blown away.

    • Twi

      Agreed, teriangne. It is totally a downer knowing Rafa is not at 100%. Let’s just hope he won’t do it further injury by playing, or he’ll stop if it looks like playing would further affect his knee.

  • shelly

    I love the Braxton Family Values they are a true down to earth family, My favorite is Trina. I really think that Tamar really loves Vince she seems to me to be the kind of person that is not going to stay with someone because of what they have now she is spolied I will say that and opinionated but I think Vince is what she needs he holds his own with her but you can tell he loves her. I can’t wait for Season 2

    • cehennem

      Looking frrwaod to meeting you all tomorrow. Do any of you know of a Christian school for special needs kids on the spectrum in Palm Beach County? Please share if you do. Beforehand, thank you.

    • Chiara

      I coduln’t find a live telecast of Rafa’s match with Tipsarevic (sp) but it sounds like his knee was much better today than in his match against Alun Jones. Let’s hope he will continue to mend.BTW, I love your blog.

  • Sunshine

    I really like the show. But Tamar is very arrogant and looks down on her sisters, especially Tracy. She is too high on her horse and needs to tone it down a bit. As far as she and Vince is concerned, they do not make a good couple…anyone can see that who is not blind. It’s all about her holding on to him for what he’s got and that’s “money and an entertainment status” that she craves and longs for, obviously. She wants so badly to be in the music industry and becoming another Beyonce which she will never become. Beyonce has a raw talent that she was born with. Tamar does not. But maybe if she humbles herself, in due time maybe she will be exalted for the world to see. She wants Vince to snap his finger at her every wish to become an overnight rock star. And he has told her it doesn’t work that way. She doesn’t listen, that’s for sure.

    • Patricia

      You have to admit, Tamar makes the show. I think she is so serious – you cant take her serious.

  • Patricia

    I can’t get over what a great bunch of ladies the Braxton’s Sister are. Trina has to be my favorite of all. I hope Tracy gets what she wants – and Toni’s career continue to soar. Tamar, Tamar, girl you are off the hook.com! Can’t wait for the next season. Oh yeah, Moms aint no slouch either. Love these ladies and wish all of them much love and happiness!

    Feel Better Toni!

  • Elton Smith

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    museum in Lake City, FL. Make your donations at http://www.bmhoff.org or by sending your donations to:

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    • Hina

      yeah of course she is but thats not my point it strtaed out as a family thing, so it’s clearly not just a toni braxton thing. I agreed with toni needing her space, but to totally say it’s her business when she has her sisters assisting her in singing back up which one of them does for free, and another one is her personal assistant so in my eye’s although she needs space it is a family thing. plus who just wants to watch toni the show is a hit because ppl like to see them all

  • LyricsRme1

    Love this show – Tamar might have dated Vince for 7 years and been married for two, but I still say if he was a bag boy at the Shop ‘N Save, she wouldn’t have given him the time of day.

  • Yvonne Baker

    For season two I would like to see Tamar a lot less hyper. Just because she’s the baby in the family doesen’t mean she have to act like one. You don’t have to be loud to be heard. She claims she tells it like it is, honesty. When here sister made a statement that her marriage could be just as bad as someone else (can’t remember which sister) she was very offended. So consider others with what you say, even family. Less talking with the hands too. My opinion is “You’re not all that Tamar.com”

  • rhonda

    I think that Tamar is alittle over the top at times:))

  • Sonja

    Tamar would do better to exercise more emotional intelligence and sensor here proclivity to behave with belligerence and narcissism. I don’t’ enjoy watching the constant conflict and over acting. It is too bad that the women don’t focus on being kind and considerate to one another.

  • Yo Gotti

    How does a fat slob get a girl like that????

  • Rochelle

    Tamar I beleive she married for money.com.As much as she talk you have never seen a scene where she show real love.Tamar look down on Tracey and the orther sister cause she can shop and by things when she want.She spending Vince money like it hers and she have the nervous thinking there jealous of her.She think she all that when she really not how can you say to your own sister I hope you don’t think I’m going to give you money to help with her opening her shop.What is that to say to your sister,if she don’t be careful somebody going to put something on Vincent that he going to forget Ms Tamar.com.You really not good looking at all!!!!!!!



  • Lanier

    Please Please Please chk your grammar if your going to be an editor or commentator and if you don’t know the English Language and the usage then Hirer someone who can read over what you wish to print

    Kenya N Byrd:
    What’s some of the best money advice you’ve ever received and does you apply it to your everyday life?// Please you had to know that this sentence is not grammatically correct????????? Black Enterprise SHAME ON YOU!