Your Fall Season Must-Haves

With resources for the mind, body, soul and hair, you can still make this your best year yet

Newcomer and unsigned talent Abby Dobson is a gifted jazz and R&B singer with a debut album, Sleeping Beauty: You Are the One You Have Been Waiting On: Volume One.

Mommy Power
As we get ready to send our children off to school, the mommy brand takes center stage. Regardless of how you came to be a mom, you know that this job has the best benefits and the greatest stress:

The Juiceboxx is a blog for modern parents, giving moms and dads what’s hip, happening, and helpful in the world of parenting.

The Brand New Mommy is the digital destination for black women renewing and redefining their personal brand post-childbirth.

Whether your mane is textured, weaved, locked, or natural, a service/product is always needed to get one’s hair healthy. After a few mishaps, I have stumbled upon the potion and pros that will save and enhance your hair:

Brownstone’s Feng Shui
revitalizes hair and scalp, stimulates hair growth, relieves dandruff, and leaves your hair smelling delicious. offers premium plant-based products and solutions for your hair and skin while offering an interactive hair blog for your burning questions.

Duafe Natural Holistic Salon is a celebrity haven in Philadelphia that provides premium haircare services and Shea butter-enriched homemade products.

Loving Your Natural Hair workshop, conducted by Felicia Leatherwood, is a must to understand how loving your hair and not cursing it will make it thrive.

What will you do this fall to produce different results for your mind, body, soul and hair?

Karen Taylor Bass, The PR Expert, provides entrepreneurs, corporations, and mompreneurs with essential branding, marketing, and public relations coaching; and Follow her on twitter @PREXPERT to read her daily tips on boosting your brand and @TheBrandNewMom for strategies on renewing and re-defining.

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  • I would love everyone to buy my book Gymnastics Gina at Its a cute book for kids. Your child can read my book while you read Terry’s new book. I think Gymnastics Gina is the hottest fall season must have. Please buy up!Thanks

  • Awareness!! Look around, let us become a part of the mainstream. We eat everyday yet we are not aware of the food industry and how huge it is!! There are so many opportunities to succeed that we don’t take advantage of. Basic needs are our wealth in these times. Some call it “sustainability.” We are no longer mindful of how we spend our paychecks and what or who our dollar is supporting. Let us become knowlegable and leave legacies for our children. Paths that they may follow and understand that we have already done the due diligence and this is what will lead you to success. We need to see ourselves more in order to understand the achievables. It is okay to empower each other and love all people. That is how we become and asset to our country and our communities. I myself saw Will Williams (Glory Foods) and he left a path for us to follow, What path or paths are you leaving???

  • I Love Indigofera.  Its all natural and it  works. I even use  it on my 2 toddler’s hair.