1998 BLACK ENTERPRISE/PEPSI Golf & Tennis Challenge

If you got game, financial backers will come; if you don't, expect to go it alone

was initially,” Tom St. continues. “We really didn’t think about them becoming professionals. We didn’t take them to the courts with the intention of grooming them to be the next Arthur Ashes or anything like that. It was just something we enjoyed and we hoped it would be something we could enjoy for the rest of our lives.”

So it’s understandable then that there’s a buzz around the Blake house these days. Not only have their sons excelled on the athletic field, they’ve also done quite well in the classroom. Tom scored a 1,450 on his SATs, while James scored a more-than-respectable 1,350. And now, the former stars of Fairfield High, are both on the heels of a professional career.

“I’m very excited [but] I’m also a little nervous,” admits Tom. “I mean, school is all I’ve known my whole life but I’m definitely excited to concentrate on tennis full time.” Adds James: “It’s important to me personally that I do well because playing tennis has been a dream of mine. But I don’t think anybody will be disappointed if I don’t do well–except maybe myself.”

As Harvard looks to regroup from losing one or both Blakes, coach Fish says it’s bitter-sweet, but he’s glad he had a hand in their genesis. “They’re super guys and good examples,” says Fish who says the brothers have made this year’s squad, ranked No. 17 overall in the country, the strongest in his 23 years at Harvard. “I don’t have any problems coming to grips with James needing to do what’s best for him and Tom moving on. If we can be a part of the process, we’re open to that. We’re just glad to enjoy both of these guys while we have ’em.”

Internships Internships Internships
If you want to learn the tricks of the trade, there is no better course to take
To get ahead, it helps to know somebody. To do that, you have to make yourself known. Making viable contacts can help you jump-start your career. Talented young black golfers and tennis players on the scene know that you have to be visible to attract sponsors. On the other hand, if you are interested in working in the golf and tennis industries, here are some internships to help you get started. (Each organization has a number of internship slots available.)

In 1992, the PGA TOUR’s Minority Internship Program established a number of paid, nine-week internships in a variety of fields to introduce qualified minority candidates to the business of golf. It’s a diverse field so look for yours and send your resumes off soon.
Contact: Aleizha Batson, Project Coordinator PGA TOUR, 112 PGA Tour Blvd. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, Tel: 800-556-5400; Fax: 904-273-7626
Due date: March 1, 1999
Salary: All interns receive $300 per week; internships run throughout the summer months (June-August), although other internship positions are available during the spring and fall.
Basic requirements: Applicants (with at least a 2.5 GPA) must have completed at least their junior year (unless otherwise specified) and must currently be

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