20 Recession Resistant Franchises

Promising picks to choose fromeven in this economy

“The first month, I made $52.30,” says Powell, who found things more difficult than anticipated. “The next two months, I made zero. I felt I wasn’t going to make it.” But the fourth month was the charm; she did $28,000 in sales and she hasn’t doubted her decision since. Last year, Powell’s operations finished with a little more than $600,000 in gross volume; a 42% increase compared with last year. And for 2009, they project $800,000. Today, Powell has 12 full-time employees, which during the summer also includes her 17-year old son, Tyler, and works out of a 3,000-square-foot facility that includes an office and storage spaces for clients when needed.

“In any part of the country, there’s the potential for a disaster,” says Lesonsky. And a disaster doesn’t necessarily have to be a big one; it could be a fire in your strip center. Or your records blow up. So the growth in the industry is not a new need; it’s the awareness of the need for the service.”

Powell says she is optimistic about both the economy and her future as a franchisee, saying it will likely bring her and her husband into retirement. “I’m not nervous at all [about the economy],” she says. “I’ll continue to do this as long as I can.”

(View the 20 Recession Resistant Franchises list here.)

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—Additional reporting by Bridget N. Armstrong

This article originally appeared in the September 2009 issue of Black Enterprise magazine.

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7 Responses to 20 Recession Resistant Franchises

  1. tony says:

    What about the Pet industry? It’s bigger than the toy, jewerly, retail industries combined.. bigger than video game too..
    Bad research

  2. Terry Shea says:

    We feel that our mobile arcade business is recession resistant. There will always be parties for kids, Mitvahs and special events in the municipal markets. So Fl alone has over 15,000 events and parties each month, give me 1% of that per franchisee @ an average of $780 per event and I am a happy dog wagging my tail.

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