201 Great Ideas For Your Small Business

or desks that adjust to computer keyboard height. You can retrofit desks by adding a keyboard platform that is adjustable.
If you use a mouse, make sure the platform is wide enough to hold both the keyboard and the mouse.
5. Employee 800 number. If you have employees calling in from the road, try installing a toll-free 800/888 number instead of issuing calling cards. You can save money in the long run and employees will have fewer numbers to dial when they are on the run. Many telephone service providers offer toll-free service. You can also equip the 800 number with account codes to prevent employees from using the 800 number for personal calls.

For more ideas, read The Essential Business Buyers Guide by Mie-Yun Lee (Sourcebooks, $18.95).

Savvy entrepreneurs invest time and money training their employees. Here’s how to get started:
1. Ask your employees what software programs they think would boost productivity before you buy anything new.
2. Schedule time during the day for training, whether it’s online or with an instructor.
3. Encourage employees to practice their new computer skills on company time and after hours.
4. Share the expense of hiring a trainer with another small business owner in your area.
5. Call your local community college district for information on a variety of affordable classes available for

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