22 Stocks For 2002

With the markets at their lowest levels in years, B.E. picks 22 stocks that could put you in a prime position to profit when the economy rebounds

could ask for a better brand name? 14 Fortune makes home improvement wares along with office products and golfing equipment. Beverages should help a cheap stock hold steady, however.  15 Money management firm has made a niche for itself targeting the wealthy. 16 A $160 billion market worth and a medicine cabinet full of blockbusters? Merck’s going strong. 17 The maker of Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks offers up strong brands to counter a downturn in industry orders. A 2.0-plus yield doesn’t hurt either. 18 Telecom companies pay dividends and provide shelter in tough times–and this is one of the best managed around. 19. A leading name in paints and wall coverings, Sherwin-Williams should see a sales boost in a stronger economy. 20 Stanley has hacked away at costs to improve margins from its tool and hardware business. 21 One of the three largest banks in California with $35.8 billion in assets, UnionBanCal is cheap to its peer group. 22 Owner of office properties in the Northeast, Vornado, like other yield-rich REITs; should outperform in a low-interest-rate environment.

Rules For Picking Winning Stocks
When picking the 22 stocks we’ve recommended for 2002, James A. Anderson, author of The Black Enterprise Guide to Investing (John Wiley & Sons, $19.95), relied on the following important criteria:

  • All companies had a market value of $2 billion or more
  • All companies reported a 2% or higher increase in the stock ownership of their corporate executives within the prior 12-week period
  • All companies had very little debt
  • Growth companies projected corporate earnings of 10% or more over the next five years
  • Value companies paid a dividend of at lest 2% of their share price and projected corporate earnings of 5% or more over the next five years
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