25 HOT Web Sites

We've scoured cyberspace so you won't have to. Here's our list of "must stops" to make the next time you're traveling the Net.

at everyone from the first-time investor to serious professionals, The Fool offers more than just numbers and headlines. The School section provides a painless introduction to investing. Also, message boards let you exchange tips with avid online investors from around the world.

For some people, the best daily financial briefing is the one they create for themselves. My Yahoo., a feature of the Yahoo search service, lets you create a personalized Web page that contains up-to-the-minute financial data as well as the latest news, weather and sports.

Just go to My Yahoo! and sign up for a free membership. Your password will be e-mailed to you in seconds. You can then choose from a variety of news sources and have your selections displayed automatically on a customized Web page. Lots of good financial information is available, including stock prices and the companies you want to watch closely. It’s like having your own private edition of the daily paper–without the ink stains.

By the way, if you are a parent who’s nervous about letting your child wander around the Net alone, a children’s component called Yabooligans.’ (www.yahooligans.com) provides a controlled environment for children ages seven to 12. It’s also a great resource for homework assignments. Consider this one corner of the Net where your kids can safely hang out.

Bloomberg Financial News, one of the world’s most respected sources of financial data, has signed onto the Net with Bloomberg Online, a must stop for investors. Although spending some time there might help a beginner make sense of the market, the depth of information provided is best suited to the experienced investor. The site features the latest news headlines plus detailed data on financial markets. You can get a free subscription to Bloomberg Online’s Persona] Finance magazine, which provides quotes, company profiles and data on more than 18,000 stocks and mutual funds. Use RealAudio to get live reports from Bloomberg’s radio network.

Another good source for investment news is the CNN Financial News site, which offers information on personal investing, news, stock quotes and research help. Although it’s not for the beginning investor, the site will help give you a leg up if you have some experience beyond dialing your broker. www.cnnfn.com

The Monster Board is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a job. This is perhaps the best known career resource on the Internet. Many of the nation’s biggest companies post job openings here. The resume-builder section helps you design and post your resume for hundreds of recruiters to see. You can pull up company profiles and even get help finding a new home if your new job requires you to relocate. About the only thing you won’t find on this site is the key to the executive washroom.

Another site listing thousands of job openings is the Online Career Center. Employers pay to post openings, which keeps the listings current, while job seekers can search the database for free. Because the site also lists jobs at a company’s overseas locations, it’s the

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