25 HOT Web Sites

We've scoured cyberspace so you won't have to. Here's our list of "must stops" to make the next time you're traveling the Net.

perfect place to look for opportunities to work abroad, especially if you have the high-tech skills most in demand.

It’s unfortunate that most people only come into contact with their state employment service when they have to file for unemployment insurance. You may be missing out on thousands of job listings your taxes entitle you to know about. These agencies have pooled resources to form the Public Employment Service, which operates America’s Job Bank. While each state has its own Web site, this Internet resource consolidates the listings to let you search for employment anywhere in the country. Or you can limit your search to a particular state or region. Also, pick up good job search tips and news about “hot” industries.

The CareerPath site combines the classified ads from more than 50 of the nation’s top newspapers. You can customize your searches, selecting, for example, the five cities where you’d most like to live. You can also create and post your resume online and research potential employers, who often search the database for likely candidates. You have to register to use CareerPath, but it’s free and you can restrict how much information you want to divulge about yourself.

If you’re looking for travel information, City Net should be your first stop. The site is maintained by Excite, one of the top search engines on the Net. City Net has information about 5,000 location worldwide. Type in a city and u
p comes a list of everything you want to know about it, including restaurants, local attractions, music and theater. The site also gets you to your destination with detailed driving instructions,, travel time and a map of your route.

Travelocity is an Internet travel agent plus. You can find bargains, book flights and make hotel reservations online. You also can get information about various cities, catch up on travel news and tips and check flight schedules. The service will even send a message to your pager notifying you if your flight has been delayed. Not the only travel agent online, it’s the first and works hard to keep you coming back. There seems to be something new at each visit.

Another site that gives nightmares to traditional travel agents is Preview Travel With a Web browser | and a credit card, vacationers and business travelers can take care of just about everything from buying | plane tickets to renting a car. The site’s Farefinder service helps you find the best ticket prices between any I two U.S. cities, and also lists bargains in overseas travel. There’s plenty of advice to make your trip more | pleasant and productive.

America’s best-known travel writer brings his informative and pungent style to the Internet in Arthur Frommer’s Outspoken Encyclopedia of Travel, a site that’s a delight to visit even if you’re not planning a trip. Along with plenty of tips and travel bargains, it also features Frommer’s prickly commentary on everything from incompetent airline personnel to tourists who don’t have a clue about the places they’re visiting. His writing alone

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