25 HOT Web Sites

We've scoured cyberspace so you won't have to. Here's our list of "must stops" to make the next time you're traveling the Net.

will keep travel buffs coming back for more.

A great place for youngsters is the Kids Corner–not so much for what’s at the site, but for what it links you to. The section called Web Surfin’ has first-rate and mostly noncommercial links to other, mostly educational, sites on the Net that adults also will find interesting. Even the featured commercial site, Crayola.com, set up by the same company that owns Kids Corner, tones down its sales pitch by using a crayon to alert you to ads on the site.

Once chided by viewers about its heavy focus on World War II documentaries, the Discovery Channel cable TV network now boasts a wide and lively lineup of science and nature material for all ages as well as a high-quality Web site. Discovery Channel Online serves as a companion to the programs, offering in-depth information about the topics presented. So, after you and Your child watch that documentary on the wilds of Alaska, log on to the site for more facts and even online chats with wildlife experts. Find fascinating and amusing reference material on science, technology and history–including World War II.

When your kids get stuck on a homework assignment, send them to the Homework Help Site, where children can get assistance with math, English, social studies, science and other assignments. Volunteer teachers are on hand to answer questions and help unravel tough problems. Or they can scroll through answers to questions other students have already asked. The site is sponsored by the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper. It’s best suited to children ages 10-13.

In 1994, The Afro-American Newspaper was one of the first black-owned publications to go online. Today, the site still serves as a good starting point for information on African American history and national news of interest to black readers. You’ll especially enjoy the site’s online black history museum, presenting fascinating exhibits and information about key historical events such as black resistance to slavery and the exploits of the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II. The Afro-American sent correspondents to cover the war–reviewing the writings of these pioneer journalists alone is worth the visit.

NetNoir, one of the first online communities for black people, is still considered by many users to be the leader of the pack. Once avail able only on AOL, NetNoir now has its own Web site and plenty to offer, from entertainment news to job listings to live online chat. Through a link with the PlanetAll Web service, NetNoir can help you reach old friends or make new business contacts. Also, each section of the site features links to other locations on the Net–a good way to explore a world of black resources.

To keep up to date on the Motherland, check out Africa Online, which has links to everything African. The home page headlines major stories from the continent. If you click on the news and information link, you get one of the most complete lists of online African publications anywhere, arranged by

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