30 Things You Must Do To Gain Empowerment Now

The editors of Black Enterprise identify the steps African Americans must take to gain wealth, power and freedom in the 21st century

technology to embrace business-to-business opportunities.
12 Position your business to attract capital.
13 Form entrepreneurial rainbow coalitions.
14 Seek out opportunities in the global marketplace.
15 Use political activism to further your business objectives.

Mastering Technology
16 Understand and embrace new technology.
17 Be an active participant in closing the digital divide.
18 Prepare the next generation of Black Digerati.
19 Build profitable e-commerce companies.
20 Join online communities.

Professional Success
21 Pursue continuing education to avoid becoming obsolete.
22 Find your motivation — and stick to it.
23 Brand yourself.
24 Know your worth — and work it.
25 Don’t make work your life.

Consumer Empowerment
26 Get rid of credit card debt.
27 Use the web for comparison shopping.
28 Safeguard your privacy.
29 Protect yourself from scams.
30 Teach savvy purchasing habits to your children.

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