40 Best Companies For Diversity

In our third annual survey, we focus on supplier diversity and senior management representation -- how much companies spend with black suppliers and who they let into the corporate suite


Comcast; Philadelphia; Cable and communications; David L. Cohen, Executive Vice President, Comcast; Comcast is tuning in to inclusion. The company’s 157 senior managers-seven are African American-have expanded the corporate commitment to diversity in four strategic areas: a multicultural workforce, a diverse supplier group, community investments, and multicultural programming. To address the last plank of its diversity platform, Comcast joined forces with Radio One Inc. (No. 11 on the BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100 list with $413.2 million in sales) in 2004 to create TV One, an African American-owned channel. The company spends nearly 5% of its total marketing dollars on minority advertising and promotion. ; N/A; Advertising Diversity Rating: 1; Strengths: Supplier Diversity, Employee Base

Eastman Kodak; Rochester, NY; Imaging; Essie L. Calhoun, Chief Diversity Officer & Director of Community Affairs, Vice President Eastman Kodak Co.; Eastman Kodak, the world’s foremost imaging innovator, has set up diversity efforts that are nearly picture perfect. Chairman and CEO Antonio M. Perez has made diversity objectives a business imperative, including the creation of an inclusive culture and the development of knowledge and skills that promote global inclusion. It has scored high in procurement spending with minority firms, which received nearly $200 million. ; 2006, 2005; Advertising Diversity Rating: 1; Strengths: Supplier Diversity, Board of Directors

Daimlerchrysler Corp.; Auburn Hills, MI; Automotive; Monica Emerson, Executive Director, Corporate Diversity Office; With the recent sale of the Chrysler Group, DaimlerChrysler can expect a major shake-up in its workforce, though diversity will remain a key part of the auto manfacturer’s business strategy. The company employs 67,000 people, 23.2% of whom are African Americans. Blacks also comprise 7% of senior management and 11% of corporate officers. The automotive giant spent about 4.5% of its total procurement with black suppliers in 2006. ; 2006, 2005; Advertising Diversity Rating: 5; Strengths: Supplier Diversity, Senior Management

Eli Lilly & Co.; Indianapolis; Pharmaceuticals; Patricia Martin, Vice President, Global Diversity; Eli Lilly & Co. has the right formula for diversity. The big pharma company has put in place a vice president of global diversity who reports directly to the CEO, as well as mandatory diversity training for all U.S. employees. Of its m
ore than 21,000 U.S. employees, 16% are minorities and 7.6% are black. Diversity can be found in the management ranks as well: 9% of the company’s senior managers are minorities. In terms of supplier diversity, 34% of Eli Lilly’s vendors are minority-owned. To achieve such representation, it has developed several supplier diversity initiatives, including a mentor-prot&eqcute;g&eqcute;e program for minority-owned businesses. ; N/A; Advertising Diversity Rating: 1; Strengths: Supplier Diversity

Denny’s Corp.; Spartanburg, SC; Food services; Rachelle Hood, Chief Diversity Officer; Denny’s is the largest full-service family restaurant chain in the U.S., with close to 1,600 restaurants and more than $2 billion in sales. A champion of minority ownership, 46.3% of its 949 franchised restaurants are minority-owned, of which African Americans own 24. This is a significant improvement from 1993-when there was only one African American franchisee. From 1995 to 2006, Denny’s also contracted approximately $1 billion for products and services

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