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Amy Ellis-Simon, 39

Head of Specialty Sales and Americas Head of Corporate Access

Bank of America Merrill…

  • SEBAGA Manyeula,Botswana,Africa

    Good day 

    Just one word  from a  person entrusted with your power and influence is all I need……

    I am strongly tenacious, energetic but mostly strong willed young woman and have gotten to a point the only thing that can restore me is to get someone of your capacity to just  your word to say find out if shes rightful!.
    All I requests is for you to be used to bridge the gap between a well trained, experienced, talented colleague and getting a job.I ave done the most and best if I know how, but lack of job opportunities has been a major hinderance  however, i choose to be ss trnsvioud ss ever.  

    I am truly requesting for a placement anywhere in the world, so long as its a chance to get me doing what I love the most and especially accord me a job. 

    Please hold my hand because my ship is sinking and I refuse to give up and even if I do not know the rightful network, I am willing to create one, even when it might not seem normal but then again who created those parameters, I bet someone who had a job and a roof over their head.

    I trust you will find my skills and experience relevant because I have no doubt that my deep rooted passion for what I do simply qualifies  me for slightest opportunity available.  Where I am it is so hard, a dark deep hole with this  request as a little light i see right at the end.
    I request just a chance to  let my foot in the door some may live again because every minute I feel like I am letting go.

    I bank on your empathy and kindness to suit me to a possible role in marketing communications sales, pr brand managing within your organization, which I’ve always done within financial institutions.

    My motivation cover letter and cv are hereon sent on a separate email.

    Thank you,


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