40 Rising Stars 40 & Under


Kelli Coleman, 27

EVP, Corporate Communications & President, GHV of New York


Coleman is responsible for GlobalHue’s external presence in the marketplace. She’s also on the finance committee, helping to steer the company financially as well as strategically. “I also am president and CEO of our incubator company, GHB. GHB works to develop new initiatives, mostly in new media. Currently we’re working on a new digital platform.”

Major professional accomplishment: “Successfully working with my father to launch a startup, the digital platform Voyr, which features exclusive content from icons across categories, major stars who have made their mark across their respective industries. Another has been working with other senior leadership over the past year in steering new brand identity for GlobalHue. It’s been amazing spending time digging through the history and legacy of the GlobalHue brand, how it’s evolved, and how to talk about ourselves and externally present ourselves now.”  

Professional lesson learned: “To not be too rash and impulsive in the decision-making process. I also would say the power of diplomacy is great. In business, handling different personalities within your company and outside of the company can present challenges. Always maintaining professionalism and diplomacy is helpful.” 

Advice for college grads: “My No. 1 piece of advice is to really continue to add value and remind those you are working with and those you’re working for of the value you add in the company. It’s not enough anymore to just hold a position and meet expectations; it’s important to exceed expectations. We all know how competitive the marketplace is, so it’s important to continue to add value and make yourself indispensable.”  

Major personal accomplishment: “Not to get mushy, but the birth of my daughter and being able to grab the motherhood and businesss roles by the horns.”

Dream vacation: “I’m going to make my dream come true next year. I’m going to South Africa.” 

Dream car: “A Bugati”

Phone: iPhone 4S  “Siri is totally worth it.” 

Laptop: Macbook Air “It’s perfect for traveling.”

Other tech tools: iPad

Favorite store: Barneys

Kelli Coleman, 27

EVP, Corporate Communications & President, GHV of New York


Coleman is responsible for GlobalHue’s…

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