40 Rising Stars 40 & Under


Lisa Opoku Busumbru, 40

Chief Operating Officer Securities Division Asia Pacific

Goldman Sachs & Co.

Opoku Busumbru is responsible for financial analysis, business development, and new markets in Asia, along with personnel management. Having worked for the Wall Street giant in Hong Kong for almost three years, the former law firm partner is most proud of the team she’s built. “People are the most important part of what you do in an organization. Recruiting and working with the right people requires a lot of hard work and tough decision-making. I’m really proud of the team I’ve built, the people working with me and for me.”

Major personal accomplishment: "My kids. I don’t know if you would call them an accomplishment but they’re the thing that I’m proudest of. I ran the New York Marathon in 2001 and I’m very proud of that. When I started training I could barely run a mile. Then after training for about four months I was running 16–18 miles."

Dream vacation: "I've been thinking about Bali. I haven’t been there yet since I moved to Asia. It’s a place I really want to check out."

Phone: iPhone 4S

Laptop: Macbook Pro

Other tech tools: "I have an iPad, which I think my kids use more than I do. My 5-year-old is always downloading free apps for games."

Favorite store: "I love the Apple store because you can play with all the gadgets. It’s an adult toy store."

Favorite beverage: Champagne

Lisa Opoku Busumbru, 40

Chief Operating Officer Securities Division Asia Pacific

Goldman Sachs & Co.

Opoku Busumbru is…

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  1. Mary A. Kidd says:

    Dear Lisa,

    I want to thank you for being such a wonderful person. Reading your write-up also told me you have great values! It is good to see young people who think of others and their dreams. You are the type of person I hope will become interested in The Chaka Chinyelu Foundation, Incorporated. We need new board members that are accomplished not only in their field of work, but know how to work with and direct people. I feel the the foundation could be a world class organization. I have this as a dream to honor our two sons’ memory and fulfill the dreams of other African American young men. Building an endowment for scholarships that would follow the young men for the four years of their college education. We also want to aid families of Downs Syndrome children and other deserving community projects.

    Keep up the great work and always keep your family first! We hope you and your family will join us this summer for our activities to celebrate the 30th and 40th birthday of Chaka and Changa. The golf and the tennis tournament should be a lot of fun and it would be great to be the first winner of the tournament and have your name be the first engraved on the plaque. We hope you will contact us for more information or go to the website. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and for being a great mom!

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