50 Best Colleges for African Americans

A solid education, matched with the right opportunities, creates successful collegians. Here are some strategies students should employ as they move from the college campus to the corner office and beyond.

DayStar Guide to Colleges for African Americans (Kaplan/Simon & Schuster; $20) and co-author of 8 Steps to Help Black Families Pay for College (Princeton Review; $13). The list, based on the DayStar rating, was calculated by developing a regression-based, weighted, multiplicative index combining four variables:

1 The school’s five-year graduation rate forAfrican Americans
2 The school’s percentage of African Americanundergraduate students
3 The school’s average survey score for theschool’s academic environment
4 The school’s average survey score for theschool’s social environment

TOP COLLEGES LIST: http://blackenterprise.com/CollegeOpen.asp?id=880

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