6 Degrees Of Motivation

They're the sources of inspiration for the new worker. Find out which ones stimulate you to perform at your peak.

They won’t sacrifice their own personal expressiveness in order to play a corporate role. Don’t ask them to put on a uniform, or to repress their personal values in favor of “what’s good for the company.”

Authenticity seekers can be quite creative, but difficult to manage if their employer demands conformity to corporate norms. In some ways, this group shares characteristics with the independent thinkers because of their demands to be self-expressive. . . .

Personal mantra: “I need to work with people. I’m a people person.”

The breakdown: Collegiality seekers associate strongly with their team or work group and derive much of their identity from belonging to it. They are extremely loyal to whatever group they belong to. Fun for them is going out for a drink after work with other members of the group. They welcome signifiers of their group membership, whether a photo of the team or a plaque commemorating a particular project.

When asked what is most important they usually say it is working with people they enjoy. . . . This group loves the team-building events that take place at off-site meetings. They are not happy working by themselves. As a general rule, they are not drawn to telecommuting. Be

The 6 Degrees At-a-Glance

Type < B>Motivation Welcomed Reward
Independent thinkers/entrepreneurs Autonomy Bonus, commission, or other pay for performance
Lifestylers Flexibility Additional vacation days or flextime
Personal Developers Learning/Growth Money toward a course or skill-building seminar
Careerists Advancement Opportunity to head a high-profile project
Authenticity Seekers Self-Expression A gift certificate for merchandise at a favorite retailer
Collegiality Seekers Belonging/Loyalty to Team A commemorative plaque or photo with other team members
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