75 Most Powerful Blacks on Wall Street

J.D. Nelson

Founder & Chairman
RhumbLine Advisers

Nelson founded this investment firm in 1990 and specializes in managing index-based strategies for institutional investors. His firm’s strategies include pure index tracking and customization to meet client needs. Prior to founding RhumbLine (No. 2 on the BE Asset Managers list with $23.7 billion is assets under management) Nelson was senior vice president and first director of the Public Funds Division at State Street Bank. Recently, RhumbLine started offering clients a new international equity product.


Adebayo O. Ogunlesi

Chairman & Managing Partner
Global Infrastructure Partners

Ogunlesi founded this $5.64 billion independent fund, a joint venture between Credit Suisse and General Electric that invests in energy, transportation, and waste sectors worldwide, in 2006. He was most recently executive vice chairman and chief client officer at Credit Suisse. In 2009, he led the firm in the acquisition of Gatwick Airport in London, a £1.51 billion ($2.39 billion) transaction.


Lisa Opoku

COO & Managing Director
Goldman Sachs, Asia Securities Division

Stationed in Hong Kong, Opoku works closely with the co-presidents of Goldman Sachs Securities Division (Asia) on business planning, financial analysis, personnel management, and business development for the $3.5 billion unit. She is instrumental in driving the unit’s focus, providing sales, trading, clearing, financing, and reporting services to institutional clients, including hedge funds, corporate pensions, and endowments. Opoku joined Goldman in 2004 and became a managing director in 2006.

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