75 Most Powerful Blacks on Wall Street

Maceo K. Sloan

Chairman, CEO & Chief Investment Officer
NCM Capital

Sloan oversees all business aspects of Durham, North Carolina-based NCM Capital (No. 11 on the BE Asset Managers list with $2.6 billion in assets under management). The firm launched its own mutual fund, the NCM MidCap Growth Fund, and invests client money in the bond markets. Sloan was elected chairman of the board of trustees for TIAA-CREF, a financial services firm with $453 billion in combined assets under management.


Gerald B. Smith

Chairman & CEO
Smith, Graham & Co. Investment Advisors L.P.

As CEO of Smith, Graham & Co. Investment Advisors L.P. (No. 7 on the BE Asset Managers list with $5.0 billion in assets under management), Smith oversees the firm’s fixed-income and equity institutional assets as well as $140 billion in assets for which his firm serves as adviser. In February 2009, under Smith’s leadership, the firm acquired the fixed-income, small-cap value and mid-cap value assets of Ark Asset Management Co. Inc., doubling total assets under management.


Robert F. Smith

Chairman & CEO
Vista Equity Partners L.L.C.

Smith’s 11-year-old firm currently manages equity capital commitments of approximately $5 billion, positioning Vista to become No. 2 on the BE Private Equity  Firms list with $2.7 billion in capital under management. He’s invested in firms such as Surgical Information Systems L.L.C., Accruent Inc., BigMachine, and SER Solutions Inc. Prior to Vista he executed and advised more than $50 billion in mergers and acquisitions as co-head of Enterprise Systems and Storage at Goldman Sachs.

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