75 Most Powerful Blacks on Wall Street

Bernard Beal

M.R. Beal & Co.

Considered as the nation’s oldest, continuously operating minority-owned investment bank, M.R. Beal & Co. (No. 5 in taxable securities with $1.6 billion in lead issues and No. 3 in tax-exempt securities with $2.2 billion in lead issues on the BE Investment Banks list) was engaged in $40.2 billion of public financing in 2008, followed by $45.4 billion in bond issuances in 2009. In 2010, Beal led the company to senior-managed and co-lead deals totaling some $62 billion.



Ronald E. Blaylock
Founder & Managing Partner
Capital Partners

Blaylock serves on the transaction and analytical team for GenNx360 (No. 4 on the BE Private Equity Firms list with $600 million in capital under management) which invests in middle-market industrial and business-to-business companies. GenNx360’s Fund I portfolio has $600 million in committed capital from leading institutional investors. The firm’s portfolio companies represent more than $1 billion in revenues. Prior to launching GenNx360, Blaylock was CEO of Blaylock & Co., an investment banking firm he founded in 1993.



Cedric L. Bobo
The Carlyle Group

Bobo focuses on U.S. buyout opportunities in the industrial and transportation sectors. In his position at Carlyle, Bobo co-led Carlyle’s acquisition of AlpInvest Partners, a $43 billion private equity fund-of-funds manager based in the Netherlands. This strategic purchase ushered Carlyle into a new line of business. Also, in 2010, Bobo co-led the formation of a joint venture that will work to acquire more than $5 billion in shipping assets using up to $900 million in equity over the next five years.

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