A Dotcom Remembers

With the help of 20 national and international volunteers plus several national sponsors, author Angel Kyodo Williams launched www.911-remember.com on Oct. 11, 2001, to honor those who died in the tragedy. Just one day following the events, Williams galvanized a group of volunteers and sponsors to create a site that would serve as a digital monument to all the victims of the events.

One year later, the site is still going. The Website, (www.911-remember.com) has become a place where the families, friends, and colleagues of the victims — as well as the general public — can post or view photographs and words of remembrance for those who lost their lives. This site is for people of all ethnic backgrounds, but it is one of the few places where it is obvious that minorities were affected by this tragedy as well.

Williams, founder of the Brooklyn-based Urban Peace Project, planted the seed to build this digital monument. She is the author of BEING BLACK: Zen and the Art of Living With Fearlessness and Grace; co-founder of Kokobar, the first black-owned Internet café in Brooklyn, New York, that she started in 1996. She is also the founder of several Websites including www.beingblack.com.

The introduction to the Website reads, “It is our hope that this Website will help us understand, by allowing us to measure in a tangible way, the enormous human toll exacted by the Sept. 11 attacks. More importantly, we hope it ensures that our nation, and indeed the world, will have a permanent place to remember and reflect on those who perished.”