A New Era at Black Enterprise

recreated our news section, boiling the latest developments and trends down in TalkingPoints. Senior Personal Finance Editor John W. Simons and Consumer Affairs Editor Sheiresa McRae repackaged our Moneywise and Shopsmart sections as tools to help readers avoid financial minefields and maximize investment dollars and purchasing power. Editorial Director Alan Hughes, Small Business Editor Tennille M. Robinson, and Editor-At-Large Sonya A. Donaldson bolstered the Enterprise and Techwatch departments so 21st century entrepreneurs could sharpen their competitive edge and apply new technology to make their companies more productive. Editorial Director Sonia Alleyne and Careers Editor Annya M. Lott beefed up the renamed Workplace section, revealing new employment opportunities, career strategies, and global business trends. Throughout this process, the editors employed the critical support of Editorial Assistant LaToya M. Smith.

But we also offer some surprises—features written with proprietary research and from our strong point of view that cannot be found in any other business publication. In “Did They Cause the Credit Crisis?” we answer conservative pundits who attempt to use minorities as scapegoats for the subprime debacle. Our cover story, “B.E. Next,” is emblematic of our new approach. The feature reveals how a new generation of entrepreneurial supernovas is illuminating American industry by unleashing bold ideas and uninhibited ingenuity. And for those who want to find out how the best and brightest have taken their enterprises to the pinnacle of business success, check out our new monthly BE 100s Power Player feature.

To present our compelling stories in this new dynamic and reader-friendly package, we turned to the expertise of Creative Director Terence K. Saulsby, Associate Art Director Mary A. Brown, Senior Photo Editor Lonnie C. Major, and Designer Todd A. Chapman. To ensure that the accuracy of our information is unassailable, Managing Editor Alisa Gumbs, Copy Chief Seimond London and our top-notch team of copyeditors—Dale R. Coachman, Siobhan Dixon, and Robin White Goode—review every shred of material in this publication. Production Director Nancy Brown and Production Manager Darcel J. Church represent our last line of defense in terms of quality control.

Editor-In-Chief Derek T. Dingle is thrilled by the compelling new format, viewing it as the evolution of our objective to make the American dream accessible to millions. Because of the inhospitable nature of our economy, he says, be is needed now more than ever. “We continue to build upon our grand tradition of giving readers relevant, useful information,” he asserts. “In these times when commerce operates at the speed of light, our audience must have timely and accurate information so they can make the best possible decisions.”

We are more than a successful magazine though; we are a full-service media company with two nationally syndicated television shows: Our World with Black Enterprise and the Black Enterprise Business

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  • Darryl A. Cotton

    I think it was back in 2001 during our 7am conference call /sales meeting, when Butch announced that “you won’t find another job like here at Black Enterprise, NO other company does for it’s people what WE Do.” Ya know…he was right! I miss my days at Black Enterprise. Though I have stayed in the ad sales arena since, NO other company has been or is like BE! Can I come back?
    Darryl A. Cotton