An Inheritance Hits Home

Mary Warner and Her Family Must Handle A Delicate Sharing of Family Assets

accidental death and disability insurance to cover their liabilities. “If something were to happen to either of them, the home equity loan and other debts would be paid off,” Clark says.
Mary & Carlton Warner

Financial Snapshot:

Carlton (full-time) $40,000
Mary (part-time) 12,500
Total $52,500
Market Value of Home $74,000
403(b) 40,000
Thrift Savings 12,000
Mutual Fund 10,000
Roth IRA 7,900
401(k) 4,000
Credit Union 2,000
Savings 1,500
Checking 400
Total $151,800
Home Equity Credit Line $50,000
Car Loan 13,000
Credit cards 4,300
Child’s Tuition 5,000
Marlow Stores 1,400
Victoria Secret 400
Total $74,100
Net Worth $77,700
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