An Inside Hit

Success in today's workplace includes knowinghow to sell your ideas to colleagues

company history, political climate and culture can help you evaluate when and how to pitch your next idea. Determine the success of employees who’ve tried to implement new business strategies or operations in the past and follow their lead. After you’ve determined what your company’s needs are, honestly assess if your idea can be viable.

  • Do your research. Has this idea been done before? If so, what were the results? While bosses generally appreciate employees who provide fresh innovative ideas, they have little confidence in employees who offer ideas that have already been implemented. Find a way to make your idea unique.
  • Make the pitch. Just do it! After you’ve convinced yourself that your idea provides your company with a competitive advantage, pass your passion along to your colleagues. Be enthusiastic and confident. Make them feel that this is an opportunity that can’t be missed.
    Bounce back from the technology glass ceiling
    Information technology professionals will gain career insight at the Senior Information Technology Managers Forum to be held during the National Black Data Processing Associates covention at the Hyatt Hotel in Houston, August 12-17.

    The forum will examine the criteria used by companies for senior management selection and define the key barriers to advancement fared by African Americans. For more information, contact: BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders, 1111 14th Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, DE 20005; 800-727-2372.

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