And Broadband For All

Powered by satellite technology, high-speed Internet reaches rural users

for the grade school, says Matheau Casner, technology director of the Jayhawk Unified School District. “These students now have access to technology which is not in their homes, and they are receiving a richer education,” Casner says. “My guess is our students are now going to be better prepared for junior and senor high school and the work world.”

E&E Enterprises was able to provide this service as a member of the Schools and Libraries Corp. E-Rate program, which provides technology discounts to schools on free lunch programs. Green explains that if a school facility has 75% of its students on the free lunch program, it qualifies for a 90% discount on equipment, service, and installation. “We are trying to get this information out to the African American community,” says Green, who urges interested schools to visit the future, Green would like to help bring satellite technology to underdeveloped countries while initiating programs in the U.S. to train satellite installers and help desk personnel. He predicts satellite technology will eventually “control everything-TV, Internet and cell phones.” He plans to be right there leading the charge.

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