And Still They Rise

Through partnership, acquisition and synergy, the ascent of the B.E. Industrial/Service 100 will not be denied

role after serving as CEOs of majority-owned concerns. Bob Holland spent 10 months at ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s before finding his way to Workplace Integrators. And there’s Cathy Hughes, founder of Lanham, Maryland-based Radio One. Over the past year, Hughes’ broadcasting concern has snapped up radio outlets left and right. It broke into a number of lucrative markets, including Detroit. (See "The New Blood," this issue).

So, as the makeup of the Industrial/Service rankings begins to shift, the question remains. What image will the listing reflect as we move into 2000 and beyond? Which companies will prosper and whose fortunes will fall? For now, the power players remain unknown. But one thing is certain. If black-owned businesses are to thrive in the future, simply maintaining the status quo won’t get the job done. Perhaps with TLC Beatrice missing in action, the mere possibility of becoming the nation’s largest black-owned business and breaking the billion-dollar mark will prod our CEOs to stretch farther and think globally. Who will accept the challenge? Who will be the next keeper of the crown?

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