… And What For An Encore?

Is the stampede still on, or is the bull market soon to be corralled?

growing earnings at over 20%.
(*) Share prices as of 1/30/97

Chrysler (NYSE: C, $35.50(*)). Automaker has plenty of cash on hand and can rely on strong design to keep consumers coming back.
HFS (NYSE: HFS, $66.75). Astute management has made good acquisitions to help grow earnings.
Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT, $101.13). Dominance in the computer operating systems market makes it hard to bet against this leader.
Ameritech (NYSE: AIT, $58.75) Phone companies might have a rough go in 1997, but this Midwest “Baby Bell” is stronger than its peers.
(*) Share prices as of 1/30/97

Frazier, recommends five mutual funds:
Merrill Lynch Growth
Aim Constellation Fund
Merrill Lynch Global Allocation
John Hancock Regional Bankshares
Putnam Health Sciences
She likes the following stocks, as well:
Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL, $41.25(*)). Database management firm’s stock is predicted to rise over 50% in the next year.
Intel (NASDAQ: INTC, $160.13). Sees the stock rising to $200 in 12-18 months.
Chase Manhattan (NYSE: CMB, $91.75). Mammoth New York bank could enjoy
a run up to $120.
(*) Share prices as of 1/30/97

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