At the Top of Their Game

Competent and creative, these entrepreneurs are small businesses' elite

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Andrewlicious Treats
PRINCIPALS Andrew Stanley
Thirteen-year-old Andrew Stanley is already running his second business. From ages 7 to 10, he ran a service business: garage cleaning, garbage disposal, dog walking, and car washing, among other services. Then in 2000, he decided to start Andrewlicious Treats, a candy distribution business.
Stanley runs every aspect of his business. He creates his own cash flow reports, does his own bookkeeping, orders and tracks his products and inventory, handles all product sales and distribution, and conducts his own market research. He learned the fundamentals of the retail business from the local grocer he once worked for. In 2003, Andrewlicious Treats pulled in more than $5,000 in revenue. This year’s projected income for Stanley’s candy distribution business is double last year’s: $10,000.
Stanley is currently developing plans to purchase a vendor cart and open an Italian Ice stand in a local mall. Future plans include manufacturing ice shaving machines.

Baked Ice
TYPE OF BUSINESS Ice cream parlor
PRINCIPALS Camille Winbush
I scream, you scream…Camille Winbush screams for ice cream — so much so that she opened her own ice cream parlor. The 14-year-old turned her love for one of her favorite desserts into an entrepreneurial endeavor, and it’s proved successful beyond her imagination.
You can get a scoop of ice cream for 99 cents and hear jazz and contemporary music at Baked Ice, the shop Winbush opened last year. You can also get a cookie cooler: two homemade cookies with ice cream sandwiched between them. Ice cream is never as much fun as when Winbush holds one of her ice cream socials, which include games, live music, and comedy. And Baked Ice grossed $120,000 in revenues in 2003. Winbush was just hoping to break the $90,000 mark. Not bad for a young woman who also has a long and growing career as an actress.
Winbush appeared on television for the first time when she was 2 years old and has also starred in several films. She currently stars as Vanessa on The Bernie Mac Show, which airs on the FOX television network

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