Avoid The IT Cash Crunch

Buying technology for your firm doesn't have to break the bank

of recommendations for automating field forces. Nonmembers, $34; members, $30.

National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) www.unclaimed.org Searchable databases of unclaimed money in many states. A few states aren’t online yet, and same simply give the Web page for the appropriate government agency, but more states are working to bring their databases online.

Street Price Search Engine www.pricewatch.com When you’re not buying in volume, find out where the deals are on all kinds of systems, parts and peripherals. Dealers from all over enter their best price daily so you can compare them in a table and contact the vendor with the best offer.

Surplus Software www.surplusdirect.com Find great deals on older versions of good software still in the box. Sometimes combining these deals with an upgrade price to the latest version can save you a bundle.

Telecommunications Research & Action Center (TRAC) www.trac.org Nonprofit, tax-exempt membership organization that exists to promote the interests of residential and small-business telecommunications customers. Includes advice on cellular phones.

How to Collect Business Debts, an online publication by Jim Heath www.viacorp.com/DebtBook.html Online book that takes a get-tough approach to business survival.

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