Backtalk with D. L. Hughley

Stand-up comedian and actor D.L. Hughley isnt one to shy away from hot-button topics

the same time we still have young black men dying at an unprecedented rate. And the N-word has been around forever, and yet, Obama still managed to win. I’m not suggesting that the race problem is over at all. What I am saying is that America looks decidedly different now than I had
ever envisioned.

This story originally appeared in the January 2009 issue of Black Enterprise magazine.

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  • xolile

    Hi my name is xolile and i’m from south africa.And i read you informative magazine online.I enjoy your articles especially about us.
    Because as a black and liberated as i am as a young black african i am still marginalised especially when it comes to job opportunities.Affirmative action is a lip service and is nothing but window dressing in the corporate world.Your views are overlooked no matter how acute they can i concur with the article above and also would like to say.a black man would always have to stride more no matter how educated he is to prove himself.i think it’s time as we can do for us to trade among ourselves and start to trust ourselves as a people and as a nation.would President Obama and soon to be inagurated South African president Jacob Zuma make a difference in our lives as a people and as a nation well i’ll wait and see..