Backtalk with Holly Robinson Peete

should. Our cultural “pride” keeps us from talking about it more. Get out of denial quickly and advocate like crazy for your child.

What are your top tips for parents caring for an autistic child?
Be sure to look into dietary changes. And know that the Internet is your friend. I scoured the Internet, went to seminars, and talked to other parents dealing with autistic children. Intensive and early intervention is key. I really like Vital Interventions Accessible (; they advocate biomedical treatments that we have had a lot of success with.

What should parents who have a recently diagnosed child know?
There is hope and a lot more treatment options available, as well as funds accessible to pay for them. [In the '90s], the treatment suggested was not very comprehensive. We were only told about your basic intervention therapies, such as individual treatments, with no mention of diet or environmental contributors. Today there is so much more.

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