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Foreign funds continue to outpace their domestic counterparts

International Value A [TGVAX], which owns a diverse mix of stocks. The fund is too young for a 10-year record, but its five-year annualized return of 16.49% is among the best for that period.

Altfest says that his clients hold Artisan International Inv [ARTIX] and Harbor International Inv [HIINX] funds. “They go well together,” he points out, “because the Artisan fund is growth-oriented while the Harbor fund holds value stocks.” The 10-year annualized return for Artisan International Inv is 12.88%, in the top 10% of the large-growth category.

If you want a foreign small-cap fund, you’ll find that many are closed to new investors. One still open, as of this writing, is T. Rowe Price International Discovery [PRIDX], where the three-year annualized return is 24.87% and the five-year annualized return is 22.96%. Among emerging markets funds, a top performer has been SSgA Emerging Markets [SSEMX], whose top holdings are from Brazil, Russia, and South Korea. Its five-year annualized return is 25.71%.

TOP large-cap foreign growth funds

Fund Name:


1-Year Ann. Total Return

3-Year Ann. Total Return

5-Year Ann. Total Return

Minimum Initial Investment

Toll- Free Number

Janus Overseas JAOSX 37.11% 29.92% 18.28% $2,500 800-525-0020
AIM International Growth A AIIEX 21.93 21.15 14.55 1,000 800-347-4246
RiverSource Intl Aggressive Growth A AXGAX 19.10 19.71 14.47 2,000 800-862-7919
Excelsior International UMINX 15.56 19.02 13.61 500 800-446-1012
Oppenheimer Intl Growth A OIGAX 22.76 18.45 13.10

1,000 800-225-5677
Marisco International Opportunities MIOFX 18.34 18.33 16.77 2,500 888-860-8686
Laudus Intl MarketMasters Inv SWOIX 18.65 19.70 15.25 2,500 800-435-4000
Forward International Equity FFINX 25.98 19.55 15.00 4,000 800-999-6809
Columbia Marisco Intl Opp A MAIOX 17.73 18.29 16.52 2,500 800-321-7854

*Based on 3-year performance. As of Jan. 5, 2007. Source: Morningstar Inc.

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