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Black enterprise launches a new division to serve the professional and personal needs of B.E. readers

consulting/training. By incorporating portions of EDTEC’s New Youth Entrepreneur training curricula into its program, B.E. was able to provide the attendees of the Kidpreneurs Konference with a well-rounded introduction into the world of business ownership.

Beyond the Kidpreneurs Konference, B.E. has a number of new educational products on the drawing board for children. Melvin Crenshaw, Program Manager of Kidpreneurs, promises that over the next few years the B.E. audience can look forward to products as diverse as books, software, comics and maybe even Kidpreneurs Kamps. For more information on Kidpreneurs, please contact, B.E. at (212) 886-9558.

As part of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the B.E. 100s in June 1997, BLACK ENTERPRISE Magazine announced the formation of the B.E. 100s Initiative. The purpose of this effort is to create a service for the largest black-owned businesses which will help to facilitate new business opportunities among the B.E. 100s companies, as well as between the B.E. 100s and Fortune 500 companies.

This new program was formally inaugurated during the Black Enterprise/NationsBank Entrepreneurs Conference as the centerpiece of the first annual B.E. 100s Strategic Summit. At this initial Summit, CEOs and key executives from many of the B.E. 100s companies convened to discuss business opportunities, broker deals, analyze economic trends and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow entrepreneurs. One of the most important elements of the gathering was the roundtable discussions among these corporate leaders which helped to set the agenda for the overall B.E. 100s Initiative for years to come.

A new byproduct of the Initiative will be the B.E. 100s Corporate Capabilities Directory. The Directory, which is available exclusively to the leaders of the nation’s largest African American-owned businesses, is an in-depth extension of the annual B.E. 100s List which appears each June in BLACK ENTERPRISE Magazine. Renee Best, Executive Director of the B.E. 100s Initiative, says that this resource will feature a profile of each B.E. 100s company, including a summary of the type of business, major products and services, key executives and responsibilities, and company highlights. Through this important business tool, B.E. hopes to encourage the types of partnerships, joint ventures and other strategic alliances that are so prevalent in corporate America today.

In response to feedback from member CEOs, many other elements of the Initiative will be developed over the next several years. While the interests of the various industries represented by these companies may differ, they all share one common bond — the desire to capitalize on the collective strengths of the B.E. 100s.

Understanding that “Not All Powerplays Occur in the Boardroom,” B.E. established the Black Enterprise/Pepsi Golf & Tennis Challenge in 1994. From the auspicious beginning, the Golf & Tennis Challenge has become, quite simply, the premier business/networking event in the African American community. Playing host to more than 1,300 participants during the Labor Day weekend at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami, the Golf & Tennis Challenge affords a unique opportunity for corporate executives, entrepreneurs and professionals to meet in

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