Black Enterprise Unlimited

Black enterprise launches a new division to serve the professional and personal needs of B.E. readers

programs targeted to the children of attendees. Other activities at the event include a full slate of evening functions created to take advantage of the broad range of facilities owned by Vail Resorts, which will serve not only as the host, but as one of the event sponsors as well.

In addition to her duties with the Golf & Tennis Challenge, Andrea Delph will also serve as the Program Coordinator for the Ski Challenge. Currently, she is planning to start registration for the Ski Challenge in September 1998. Additional information on the Black Enterprise Ski Challenge will be available in the Summer of 1998. To be placed on the mailing list for the Ski Challenge, please contact B.E. at 1-800-209-7229.

Over the past two years, Earl G. Graves Publishing Company has launched no fewer than four newsletters: The Exchange, KidpreneursNews, B.E. 100s Exclusive, and B.E. Challenge Update. According to Dorett Smith, Senior Editor — Newsletters, each of these titles furnishes more in-depth information on a particular topic than is normally covered in the pages of B.E. This information is vital to the subscribers of each newsletter. . THE

The Exchange, a business tool for African American entrepreneurs, serves the needs of all African American business owners. Its editorial offers advice on marketing, accounting, technology, strategic planning, customer service, estate planning and networking, to name a few. Additionally, The Exchange details the latest products and services that are available from the sponsors of the Black Enterprise/NationsBank Entrepreneurs Conference. While the newsletter is currently available only individuals on the Conference mailing list, B.E. plans to make The Exchange available by subscription in late 1998. To be placed on the Conference mailing list, please contact B.E. at 1-800-543-6786. . KIDPRENEURSNEWS

The children who attend the Kidpreneurs Konference each year leave the event with a great sense of accomplishment and purpose. In an effort to maintain this growth, B.E. began publishing KidpreneursNews in 1996. Expanding upon the Kidpreneurs motto, “Teaching Children to Think Big While They’re Still Small,” KidpreneursNews seeks to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in children that will last a lifetime. Through articles, games cartoons and contests, the periodical further develops each child’s understanding of the rudiments of business ownership. To date, the publication has been available only to Kidpreneur Konference participants. However, as with The Exchange, KidpreneursNews will be available by subscription in late 1998. If you are interested in having your child attend the Kidpreneurs Konference, please contact B.E. at 1-800-543-6786. . B.E. 100S EXCLUSIVE

The B.E. 100s Exclusive is nothing short of a lifeline between the B.E. 100s companies. Each issue provides essential business information to the owners of the nation’s largest African American owned businesses. The quarterly newsletter regularly includes a profile of a B.E. 100s CEO, information on the latest deals and ventures by the member companies, as well as vital financial and legal advice that will enable these companies to continue to soar into the twenty-first century. The B.E. 100s Exclusive also gives CEOs a unique vehicle through which they may maximize the services of

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