Black Enterprise Unlimited

Black enterprise launches a new division to serve the professional and personal needs of B.E. readers

the B.E. 100s Initiative by staying in touch with both BLACK ENTERPRISE Magazine and their fellow business owners. The B.E. 100s Exclusive is available only to key executives of the B.E. 100s companies.

The Black Enterprise/Pepsi Golf & Tennis Challenge has enjoyed remarkable loyalty from registrants since its inception in 1994. In that first year, B.E. created a daily newsletter to keep attendees informed of scores, highlights and activities during the event. But the audience wanted more. They wanted to hear about the latest Golf & Tennis Challenge developments as they happened. So in 1996, B.E. began the quarterly B.E. Challenge Update. The publication has been a tremendous hit with “B.E. Challengers.” They enjoy reading about their fellow attendees during the year which somehow makes the next event seem just a little bit closer.

With the launch of the Black Enterprise Ski Challenge in 1999, the B.E. Challenge Update will soon pull double duty. Beginning this year, the latest news about the planning of the first Ski Challenge will also be covered in the pages of the Update.

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