Black on Black Management

African American managers can either help or hinder one another.Here's how to help.

at first, and then once or twice a month. The sole purpose of the meeting is to draw on the expertise of the group to solve problems. Each individual should have an opportunity to present a problem for discussion and input. The synergy of the group win provide exceptional problem-solving and information sharing opportunities. Trust and respect for the knowledge of others will increase as you open your mind to the group’s collective wisdom.

How’s Your Attitude?
Take this short quiz to see how in sync you really are with other black managers.
1. When I receive phone calls from my black colleagues, I always return them in a timely fashion. T[] F[]
2. I look for opportunities to encourage and support other black managers (sending cards, notices, articles of interest, etc.). T[] F[]
3. I am truly proud when a black manager is promoted. T[] F[]
4. If I need information for a project, I will call a black manager first before calling a white counterpart. T[] F[]
5. When I am in the office, I answer my own phone and try to make myself available to others. T[] F[]
6. I belong to at least one professional minority association and share my professional knowledge freely. T[] F[]
7. I do not buy into the “fewer-is-better’ view of many. (The fewer minority managers there are, the better it is for me). T[] F[]
8. I do not distance myself from other blacks. T[] F[]
9. I go out of my way to spend time with newly-hired black employees (taking them to lunch and sharing some of the unwritten rules of the company). T[] F[]
10. I try to hire qualified blacks on my staff. T[] F[]
11. When black professionals are in a job search, I not only refer them to others, but will take an advocacy role and make the call
for them. T[] F[]
Count the number of “true” answers and see how you rate.
10-11: You are a champion. Keep on doing what you’re doing.
8-9: You are a friend, but could become a better mentor or coach.
7 or less: You can be more supportive. Choose one of the questions you answered “false” and plan to change your behavior.

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